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Monday, February 8, 2010

Fuel For Life

Would you agree that doubt is for the pessimist, what hope is for the optimist? Fuel for life. That happens to be the name of my cologne but for now I felt like it was fitting for the blog. Its obviously going to be your take on your experiences. Was it for better or worse? Was it a loss or gain? I always boast about how self-aware I am but in this case I can’t exactly I.D. myself. Jay West +/- ??? I kinda seasaw between the two and it drives me maaaad! I say this from my emo soapbox.

I’m in a drought right now. There are days when doubt is so overwhelming and I can’t get past myself to make myself do better. I sit and I sulk and all the world looks gray and I can only think of what’s wrong in my world. Its actually quite pitiful. Not really a side of myself that I like to share because it sounds bitchy but that is a blog for another day. Nonetheless, I hit a wall when I'm trying to write sometimes. Is there any other artist who goes into a panic when they can't work?

When I was a kid I used to wonder if I would only have enough to say for 3 albums…Oh dear god, please no less! I think about that now and I can see the good in my work ethic. I like that I can see my limits. I’m not gassing, there's a reason that I'm better than a lot of other rappers. Its because I refuse to work when I'm on a creative drought. If its wack, the rhyme will never make it past these 4 walls. I go until I have exhausted all of the ideas in me and then I stop, promptly call a girl, have a drink, watch a film or play a video game.

See, its simple. I pay for studio time so I make sure my songs are hot before I ever record. They only get better from there with the help of my team.

A friend told me that hindsight is 20/20. I see it clearer now looking back and there is no need to doubt...but if I ever do its that time that makes for good songswriting later.

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