> T H E W E S T W I N G >

+ There's a style to the music.
+ There's a fashion to the words.

+ There's a seduction in the sound of Jay West, but what makes it provocative is all within the details.

+ The Jay West Perspective is romantic. The Jay West Aesthetic is tailored. The Jay West agenda is to INSPIRE. “Southern California’s Newest Buzzworthy Artist” is preparing a follow-up to the cult classic mixtape, “Drugs+Candy”. The table is set.

+ Say Grace.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Color Ups: Head to Toe

Wesc - Sitar Headphones (Marshmellow)

Nike Air Max 97 Lux “Rainbow”

Wesc - Sitar Headphones (True Red)

Adidas Consortium Pack

Wesc Sitar Headphones

Creative Recreation Cesario (hi)

WeSC Mitch Bongo Headphones

Bob Cousy PF Flyers

Pharrell, DJ Premier, Consequence etc.

these cats start out talking about Busta and Q-tip
then the conversation just runs.
tune in.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


get that dirt of your shoulder


You want to download>>>GO FETCH

from them: If you love Jay-Z and you're not into Coldplay, this is for you. If you love Coldplay, but don't mess with hip-hop, this is for you. If you love all good music, this is definitely for you.

We hope this project bridges the gap between genres, fans, and generations.

Visit the Official Site for more info

T.I. on Chelsea Lately

she kinda goes in.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inqmnd 3:16

Brothers and Sisters,

Inquiringmind 2008 Fall Buyers Buyble
is the truth, the way and the lifestyle guide
for the heathens far gone from the path of the future of fresh.
Non-Believers pay a visit to the site and see what's really good.
or burn in the fiery pits of wack!

inqmnd>>>GO FETCH

Swagger Like Us - The Most Official Video to date

Mr. West is in the Building.

Prayers for the Hudson Family

This the Chicago Home of Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother.
He nephew was also found dead in a vehicle on Oct. 27.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Recession Proof Careers

Recession Proof Careers

  1. Prostitution

"any other bright ideas?"

here's a list>>>

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Be Clear: Its Ciroc Obama


Busta Rhymes - Arab Money

I think it all started with Westwood

It took off and continued...

On Big Boy's Neighborhood!

Friday, October 24, 2008

new!!! Notorious Trailer

Notorious Video Diary


and i'm actually eager to see this now!

Hotlanta Women

Keri and your second favorite producer from VA provide yet another joint for cute girls to get dressed to on their way to the club. and seeing how it is homecoming weekend here in The A for SPELHOUSE then why not rep for another sexy southern belle. T-pain recognizes game and checks in on the Ciara joint, "Go Girl". See if its just me or do these two ladies have a bit in common on these here videos.

Ciara and Keri, NICE

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let's go to Paris

To Colette.

Bun B gets Greedy

Bun B designed this Cool Breeze Vader for Greedy Geniu$

Alien Stomper Artist Collection by REEBOK

I feel like this is Reebok's response to the "Be Kanye" ad
Courtesy of the good people at HighSnob.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cheesy R & Beezy

Some of our favorite yet most hated jams. I gotta add these to a playlist. These would cheer me up on any bad day. Such Jokes. Lets count them down. My top ten go a little something like this:

10. “I saw you (walking in the rain)” Oran ‘Juice’ Jones

A. The song itself was kinda corny but then again, it was the 80’s
B. The niggas name is Oran
C. This speech did the rest

9. "Butta Love" by Next

A.a love song with an ingredient in the title? I don’t eat in the bedroom - - ah who am I kidding…

8. “I belong to you” by Rome

A. Rome looks like David the Gnome

7. "I can love you like that" by All 4 One

A. Nice attempt to dominate the world of R and Bizzle by adding several races to the mix BUT I'd wager my left one that all these cats went to prom in the same van sans any hoes

6. "Gangsta Lean" by D.R.S.

A.The homies would not appreciate this

5. “He’s mine” by Mokensteff

A.The name of the trio was a combination of their names: Monifa, Kenya and Stephanie. It worked for Jodeci, not so much here.
B.A tactless quarrel about a dude who might still be playing the field.

4. "Body Bumpin (Yippie Yi Yo)" by Public Announcement

A. Aren’t these R. Kelly’s lackies?
B. Oh and the dances in this video! Unfortunately Universal is cheesy too and blocked the embed code of the actual video. You can watch it HERE>>>

3."Thug Lovin" Ja Rule ft. Bobby Brown

A.Damn homie…I high school you was the man homie, What the fuck happened to you
B.Oh and Ja rule too.

2. “Return of the mack” by Mark Morrison

A. Ugly is never cool.

1. “S-P-L-A-C-K-A-V-E-L-L-I-E” by Pressha

A. In case you didn’t know what a Splackavellie was Pressha took the time to spell it out.

Hump Day Hottie - Lola Plaku

I only hear good things about the women north of the border. Lola compliments that, but she is in a class of her own. Not a lot of women like her. With more slashes after her name than baby's daddy's tires, the 22 year old Journalist/ publicist/ promoter/ event producer is carving her niche and with all the curves. I love her cuz she's got her own (I never planned on saying that) and you can love her too. From the advice column to the news column. Pretty soon she'll be popping off about all things Lola on Iluvlola.com. Keep in touch.

Lola Plaku

Zodiac: Aquarius

Origin/ Race: White/Caucasian (Blame Canada!)

Profession: Radio Personality, Journalist, PR, Part-Time Model, Full Time Socialite

Myspace: myspace.com/asklolamyspace

The Rebirth of Slick

...At least it should be for Enyce with Diddy most recent prized-buy. In the following video Puff announces the acquisition and latest addition to his "fashion empire". In 2003 Liz Claiborne bought the brand for 110 Mil. Diddy just got it for 20. With Many changes in consumer taste in recent years, the brand obviously felt some of the effects. Me and My bros. used to buy that shit back when we shopped at Marshalls and Burlington but that's been a minute ago now. Jigga just bought Artful Dodger and I have yet to see any of their wears that I would spend a buck on. I'm so curious to see what happens with Enyce and ALSO what now happens with Sean John for that matter. My guess, Sean John will become a more expensive and mature brand following the customers that made it pop to begin with and Enyce will capture a younger audience. Sean John becomes like a Calvin Klein (he's already got underwear) amd Enyce will be like a RocaWear or something. This is just guessing. I ain't studied none of this.

anyway, heeeeeeres Diddy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fire your homeboy

best man's worst day

MTV News Update

Faulty Voting Machines, 'Barack Osama' Typos...

"...Barack Obama's last name spelled "Osama." Officials — one of whom received a misprinted ballot and said he didn't notice the misspelling — insisted that the mistake was an innocent typographical error that somehow slipped past three different proofreaders. Read More>>>"

For real Homie?
The letters B and S are not even near on a keyboard but obviously B & S are letters these cats are pretty familiar with.

New School Rules

A few freestyles from the new class...

Seminar 6: Corey Gunz

Seminar 9: asher roth

Seminar 1: Kid Cudi

Seminar 5: Blu

See the whole lot of em over at XXLmag.com>>>

KanYe at 106

Cali probably already heard this interview but i'm a million miles from home so here goes nothing

Kanye West visits Big Boy's Neighborhood from qdeezy on Vimeo.

everybody's favorite producer-turnt-rapper-turnt-singer discussing the new album.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Murder was the Couch

In the spirit of halloween, Coffin Couches goes hard all year long.
Here are just a few but for more Coffin Couches visit their site>>>

Duffle Bag Boys

I never intended on titling a post with that phrase but here it kinda applies, fellas. Some times a guy needs a bag but you gotta get just the right one. Be careful out there cuz some of them joints look like murses (man-purses) while others look dope for travel, and some are just for the weekender like myself. If your skipping town with your main chick or making a getaway with the outside-ass you still gotta look good, right?

Refinery29 was kind enough to find 10 Fall Bags. Wanna see them all...GO FETCH>>>

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ladies!!! Happy Holidays, Gals

The Nike "Tartan" Blazer...
These could be a sneaker for the girl who does not wear sneakers. I mean, think of the sweaters or vests that could be worn with this shoe. If you're not a pro, fall back. You'd O.D. I'm just saying, wouldn't you agree that plaid is the look for Fall/Winter 08 - Tis the season! More Photos on Sneaker News>>>

Hellz Bellz Goes Hard

The Hellz Bellz "Bullet Proof Sisters” collection - - -
a tribute to the sexploitation films from the 60’s and 70’s...visit HELLZ BELLZ now>>>

the first look is my favorite.
look at the denim!!!

Oh No You Didn't!

Mercenaries 2 Commercial

Yo...is this a really ill commercial or is it just me?
That song is bananas! Fuck if you care...Killa Cam does most certainly.
So much so that he samples the tune for his new joint "Owe Me" which you should download now>>>OWE ME (OH NO YOU DIDN'T)

Blacks Take Over?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

KanYe West on Ellen

Perhaps you've seen this...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alejandro Ingelmo is

The Terminator, $1200

He makes shoes for men and women but the ladies may be familiar with the designer.
He's got a regular line in stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. Visit the website>>> www.alejandroingelmo.com



The charge station Powerwise lowers energy consumption, reduces standby times and diminishes the risk of fires. It also keeps all your chargers in one place and frees your walls and floors from untidy and unsightly tangled cords and plastic gadgets. Collaboration with Åsa Elmstam, 2008

johanna strand DESIGN>>>

Kanye West - HEARTLESS (snippet)

damn, I feel that.

Maccheronian "Italian Army Sneaker"

Apparently Maccheronian is the brand that produces NATO's military shoes. I don't think I have any homies who are part of that, these came out of nowhere and hit me. Pretty Fresh, don't you agree? The upper on the shoe is a blend of canvas and suede. You can cop them in a far far away land which can be accessed thru this site called Journal Standard>>>GO FETCH

Common Projects Fall 08

COMMON PROJECTS...>>>More on site

B is Back

two new videos from Mrs. -Z

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanks Donny Miller

What, You no like?

She Bangs!

These were shown at Chanel’s 2009 Cruise Collection Show and were designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Murder on the runway

"Little Two Two//I call her Peggy Sue//When I'm off in the club, she fitting right in my shoe"

- jay-Z
from "All I Need"

New McCain Ad

Well...I never...!


The Cali.Co.Cool really likes Ben and Ryan.

But not in a gay way.

The Cali.Co.Cool does not want to touch Ben and Ryan or sleep with Ben and Ryan. Not that the Cali.Co.Cool has to worry about people thinking it is gay. The Cali.Co.Cool has a mustache and an anchor tattooed on its left bicep with the word Macho written under it in Haettenschweiler Font. The Cali.Co.Cool only salivates at the sight of busty women when they pass the blogsite and it has an insatiable hunger for the vage and has no reason to prove itself to the world of pesky readers because only God can judge the Cali.Co.Cool but just in case one wondered of Cali.Co.Cool's orientation it will reiterate, NO HOMO motherfucka!

The Cali.Co.Cool just really like Ben and Ryan

Sunday, October 12, 2008

On-Air Proposal

Ah To Be Loved!

Oh What A Feeling!

JCVD (trailer)

Don't Sleep!