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+ There's a style to the music.
+ There's a fashion to the words.

+ There's a seduction in the sound of Jay West, but what makes it provocative is all within the details.

+ The Jay West Perspective is romantic. The Jay West Aesthetic is tailored. The Jay West agenda is to INSPIRE. “Southern California’s Newest Buzzworthy Artist” is preparing a follow-up to the cult classic mixtape, “Drugs+Candy”. The table is set.

+ Say Grace.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nike has heart

"i think i might wife her!"

the look of love...

these are straight ridic in my opinion...

last year i got these for valentines...

for myself. be clear.

other valentines looks i like:

Valentines Dunk (2007)

Valentines Day Nike Women's Blazer Hi (2008)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kids get your tickets...

nuff said...

i Propose a toast...

In the spirit of romance...

InsideOut Collection Champagner Glass Set
to any champagne connoisseur worth his weight in ripple knows that the temperature of the liquid makes a difference in its taste. consuming it cold is best to me. this glass makes it so that the heat from you fingers does not warm the glass and therefore, does not affect the taste. Its easier to keep cold. this is a post for the bourgeois. and i know it.

Feel free to go cop some from self-proclaimed "quintessential lifestyle navigators", Charles & Marie and I picture Charles looking something like this:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We gets Down like Syndrome.

Above Average x HOLLYWEERD......hoe.
Saturday, February 2
Tell Jay to bring the 500 in ones.

PACIFIC DIVISION - thank california

I can dig it.
but can you?

this is working for my whole valentine's shit right now
check them out on the myspace jump..........................

hit me famo!

Gnarls Barkley is still dunking on 'em

What's that you say? You been waiting for some new music?

click this homes Gnarls Barkley - RUN. Here is the duo here to save the day.

Fresh from picking up dates at bingo games!...No...

I'm kidding but they did bag a few Grammies! (budump-pah!)
and now here is a new joint from them two dudes who drove you "crazy" with the first LP.
Wondering what themes will come about for the next album well, Cee-Lo said "it will surprise you"

prepare..."Run" is like a teaser...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

How To Win Me! Special Edition

This is gonna be good.
I think Valentine's Day is honestly may favorite holiday. I been looking a little grimy lately but I'm about to get pretty on 'em again. On my diddy ish. Since, i've been out tryna get hands-on in the streets i haven't posted a "How To Win Me!" for y'all so here is a good one that should tide you over for a little while and keep me off the hook for a few weeks.

Esquire did all the work for me with the February issue. The title is simple is "75 Years of Women" and these are the one's that drive you crazy. I could easily call this 'how to win us' cuz the masses of men will agree that these dames have tamed the savage beasts for years. 75 is the number. Check out Esquire this month and choose your woman. Here's a sample

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the business of jail

i won't do a whole lot of talking behind this. my commentary is nil. this says it all and visit qd3.com

knowledge up!!!

Long Time Coming

here's a preview of the Nas feature in the newest XXL Magazine:
2008 marks a personal and professional tipping point of sorts for Nasir Jones. Come July, it will have been 17 years since a 17-year-old “Nasty Nas” made his recorded debut on Main Source’s Breaking Atoms. The man has spent half his life on wax. He’s famous for contradicting himself, but that’s just as much a product of going through his entire adulthood with people hanging on his every word as it is any inconsistency of character. What always has been constant is that, ever since he introduced himself as the “street’s disciple” on “Live at the Barbeque,” rap fans have paid attention to what Nas has to say.

more on this story right here

i want those flashing lights

while i patiently await the video that i anticipate as being my favorite kanye west video since his last video (stronger) this should tide us over. A gentleman by the name of Colin Munroe. Take a look at the joint and how he flipped the track. Its pretty bananas and if my expectations for the kanye video are too high, i'll settle for this. i like it that much!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"No" im not from...."No" not even....
"Yes" there we go...

"Yes" we have the best....

"Yes" we have the stickiest...

"Yes","we" rock....

and "No", "you" can't like "us"....

"Yes" you can have that.....

when "Yes", we have this....

"4 Fangaz up, 2 twisted in the middle with the thumb cuffed"

Monday, January 21, 2008

What do you believe in?

Decision 2008!

On Jan. 21 we celebrated King Day. I was in the office working but I heard some interesting things were going to be happening in Atlanta. Barak Obama was going to be at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Never one to miss out on shaking hands and kissing babies, Hillary was also in the Atlanta Metro Area. She banded together with women to share some thoughts and it turned into a rally of sorts. This race some how turned into White Women against black people!!! Oh no what was I to do. With Obama downtown and Hillary just around the corner from my Dunwoody office at a park, I still had to be heard.

I got it!

I threw on a coat and jetted to Publix. Grabbed my own sign and I was strategic in choosing what color. BRIGHT ORANGE. I had to be seen. I had to be heard. I made my way to the park with my choice words on my sign but I only had a second cuz I was on a lunch break. I made sure I took a coworker and we got pics. History was made today ladies and gents. A statement had to be made to these women for what I believe in. I had to stand up. So are you guys with me?!

This year tread lightly but don’t go silently.
Raid a rally of your choice...here's the photo of me and my proud sign!

These is jokes…no black men were hurt in the making of this blog entry…nor were any women’s feelings

The Wendy Experience

no comments from me

One Honest Killer

60 minutes kept it gangster with this one...
synopsis: There are few men alive today with the underworld credentials of John Martorano, and even fewer who are out of prison and walking the streets. For more than a decade, Martorano was the chief executioner for Boston's Winter Hill gang, a loose confederation of Irish and Italian-American gangsters run by James "Whitey" Bulger. Martorano, a former Catholic altar boy and high school football star, became a cool and calculating killer. For years, he was one of the most feared men in Boston, and this is why. . .

Red Dot em like a 7 UP

Creators, artist, inventors and company are invited to register for the red dot design award. The coveted red dot award is the trophy for design quality. Check out Red Dot Online and get a taste of art and technology in its perfect marriage. Here are some past winners of the award:

The Love Mattress: The Love Mattress offers a simple solution to the limp arms that often follow a lovers’ embrace.

Saab Aero X Concept Car : The GM Europe Advanced Design Team was charged with creating a concept car for the Saab brand to showcase its future design direction. In search of a distinctive theme, the team looked back at Saab's heritage as an aircraft maker and incorporated several ingenious features.

Mono Men's Fashion Watch: MONO Men’s Watch cleverly chooses the face on which it will display the time, based on the position of the wearer’s wrist

CLAE - have you seen 'em?

Maybe I shouldn't post this. Maybe I should stay not inform you guys of my new favorite things because people like to either bite or run new ish into the ground like a nose dive. Maybe y'all will totally Creative Wreck this Crews Ship like a titanic (those aren't typos; catch up). Maybe I think better of you. Maybe I think well of CLAE and they should receive some shine. Maybe they are not in every store at this time because they wanna keep it grassroots. Maybe the proclaimed pioneer of the “athleisure” footwear movement says you're not on their level until Jay West gives you the keys. Well...Keys open doors...voila!

-CLAE Parker

- CLAE Russell

-CLAE Whitman


Thursday, January 17, 2008

the art of the party

i really feel like i'm missing something now.
i've been off the party scene a little while.
tryna preserve the sexy i guess but its calling.
some friends of mine are popping off an event at
DJANGO 495 Peachtree St. ATLANTA, GA
this saturday (jan.19)

and every saturday to be clear.

The Art of The Party. From the minds that brought you Broke & Boujee, Sloppy Seconds and Partake! plus i'm on this flyer

but allow me to take a pull from my man Ian Ford...as he put it so eloquently.

"Recently Mosi Reeves (Creative Loafing) challenged the promoters, event producers, true ATLiens and everyone else in Atlanta by claiming "Atlanta definitely got fresher this year, but it needs to learn how to free its mind and party without cultural expectations before it will truly be funky enough." So, in response to Mosi's claim, I stepped to Fadia and we created the ART of PARTYING. While planning the event, I stepped to all the true party fiends that we know... so that the movement would be authentic. This Saturday the ART of PARTYING will open up some eyes and minds to the way that Atlanta can really fucking party. So, leave the bullshit at home... make sure you drink enough red bull and vodkas... and get ready to wild the fuck out.

"No strings. No tricks. No seeds. No sticks. Straight sticky icky party art high... like Picasso, Basquiat & Warhol rolled up in a fattie fat fat blunt

"they like me...they really like me"

Lil Kim - back at it!

I'm almost certain before its all over, Lil Kim will do the score for a whole porn flick. Here she is with Snoop on a remix of Sensual Seduction/ Sexual Eruption. This remix is obviously like a mixtape type joint but if they collabbed for real it would probably be something sick. i picture a video with strippers in a church. Uncle June Bug and Creflo making it rain and taking shots of cranberry juice in pulpit. father forgive me.

anyway, the Queen Bee is back on her bullshit. I'm pretty sure the engineer was touching himself when she laid her adlibs. Check it out for yourself, right here on The Rap Up

Lupe Interview - SOHH

Senor Fiasco discusses the past, present and the short future of his career in hip hop.
if you have not heard, he'll drop one more album before its a wrap on rap for him.
write him a letter and tell him to recline.


shouts to sohh.com

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


here's the news brief from MTV.com

a man's legacy can be many things and this stuck out to me...
"I don't wanna be remembered as the demon they made me"
I don't know Ike and I doubt that you do. Let the record show that he was a complete person in private,
though his faults were made public.

R.I.P Mr. Turner.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Uptown Baby?

I graduated high school at North Springs H.S. in North Fulton County (sandy springs). Shortly after I did, the kids who lived up there started calling that side of town "uptown". This is ironic to me. They claimed it like it was their hood. What's funny is that there is a new entertainment district opening in Alpharetta by the name of what?... UPTOWN Entertainment District. Not a mimic of atlantic station it plans to serve as more. Alpharetta is quite an affluent area and its bringing an appeal to itself with this new development. On the site it calls the area "underserved" but its just because the noses up there have been smelling wine and have rejected other advances that could have brought more melanin to their scene. Eh.

whatever its not a race war for me. I'll be up there once it opens but I do wonder that since this new development would mean more jobs, would they consider building a marta station out there yet. still not one up there to this day and I assume they are worried about the southside bus riders coming to their neck of the woods, but when was the last time you saw someone steal a TV and get back on the train?

i wanna find out more but i'll have to wait till it gets closer to date to see more details on the vendors and merchants that will be able to take part in this venture. but maybe they would have chosen another name if they would have known that some of my high school homies were banging northside, screaming out UPTOWN!

Uptown Entertainment District: take a quick tour

music you miss

i know what you like...

get at me!

...and Now What

Here is Soulja Boy on CNN

You know, the other day a coworker and I (AND yes I DO have a real job) were talking about this kid. As much as he could be discredited for his lack of stategic flow, lyrical acumen or even fair knowledge of the english language we talked about our hopes not to just see him disappear. don't get me wrong, i'm no fan of the superman. its a craze for kids as far as i'm concerned but soulja is just that...A KID. With that, I would like for the success he's attained thus far to translate into success as an adult in this industry. so a prayer goes out to the management team of this kid that they can steer him clear of the sophomore jinx. It seems like a given. Check out the video. His digital downloads have not translated into album sales as yet (600,000 albums is not platinum). No diss but that's a wide difference to the 3 Million he's moved in ringtones.

The industry can chew you up and spit you out. so all the best to the future of soulja boy.

A new found fountain of youth

Q: Why Would 50 Cent, Timbaland, Mary J. Blige Use Steroids?

A: Doctors say some entertainers think steroids or human growth hormone have anti-aging benefits.

More on this on MTV.com. Here's an excerpt:

"The music business is a young person's business, so there's certainly a premium on appearing young or appearing younger," he told MTV News. "So certainly people really can do a lot of different things — sometimes going to very extreme measures in their appearance — to be able to give a youthful image."

Monday, January 14, 2008

My headwear '07

first; a look back

NOW! Moving forward, i intend on rocking more hats and headwear from brands i may not be so familiar with. just wanna break new ground. You know when you make the mold then only you can break the mold so this will be the time for me to state the names of some of my favorites thus far.

Stussy keeps my head spinning and French Connection makes my neck stiff, gives me that model posture even though i slink around the streets with my back like a question mark.

I admire Still Life's creativity and class but I can't find their ish in GA! But take a look at these cats for yourself. tell me what you think.