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+ There's a style to the music.
+ There's a fashion to the words.

+ There's a seduction in the sound of Jay West, but what makes it provocative is all within the details.

+ The Jay West Perspective is romantic. The Jay West Aesthetic is tailored. The Jay West agenda is to INSPIRE. “Southern California’s Newest Buzzworthy Artist” is preparing a follow-up to the cult classic mixtape, “Drugs+Candy”. The table is set.

+ Say Grace.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the mike jack

black or white

Burton Beanie/Ski Mask in White & Black

Pegleg Hood in Black & White

D.I.E. (Denim Is Everything) Cardigan in Black & White

Cheap Monday Alive n Dry Denim

FOLEY-MID by Visvim X Mastermind JAPAN in Black

Red October

YMC (YouMustCreate) Zip Hooded Jacket in Bright Red

Rockwell Shout Out Tee in White (Red, Blue, Maroon accents)

BDG Denim in Red

Common Projects in Red

Toy Watch Company Crystal Watch in Red & Black

Fjallraven Kanken Bag in Red

Flamed up.
Not to be done in the wrong hood

all found at End Clothing Co.

Yella Bellied

Puma Rugby Blue and Yellow Stripe

Nautical in Yellow

The SUPRA Vaider in Yellow

The INVICTA Mini Sac in Yellow

Santa Cruz X Puma

Puma x Santa Cruz First Round - Blue & Red
As part of the highly limited Puma List series, Puma have joined forces with Jim
Phillips, who in 1987 designed one of the most iconic skate graphics ever, the
Screaming Hand. Puma have encorporated this graphic and used it as the influence
for this First Round Hi, which also appeared in 1987. The trainer is a tribute
to Jim, who was a legendary rock poster artist...

available at END CLOTHING CO.


These Go Hard!
SUPRA NS SKYTOP BLACK STUD should be out soon. Supra has been doing it up with these Skytops. The shine and studs are usually too Ed Hardy for me to get into but the black kills it. FOUND ON SNEAKER FREAKER

Kenna + Lupe Fiasco

two of my favorite artists EVER recently rocked together in Paris.
Here is some footage.

Check out more of KENNA on YouTube

Mos Def A Millie Freestyle

Mos Def - A Millie Freestyle

black dante blacks out

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Black Bars - shades for the shady

instant anonymity

You may want to invest in these if you:

  1. Party Like a Politician
  2. Plan on making a celeb sex tape
  3. Find yourself on 'CHEATERS' one night
  4. Tend to be the sloppy drunk at parties
  5. Party without pants often
  6. Are one of "the girls standing in line for the bathroom"
  7. Shop with Winona Rider
  8. Still wear bright all over print hoodies

>>>by FRED & Friends>>>

Jordan 6 Rings

visit KICKS ON FIRE for details.
visit KICKS ON FIRE for details.
visit KICKS ON FIRE for details.

visit KICKS ON FIRE for details.
visit KICKS ON FIRE for details.
visit KICKS ON FIRE for details.

10 deep Fall Look Book

All for one.
One for All.

The "Veni Vidi Vici" Collection hits stores this week. Check 10deep.com and your local retailer for more information. This is just Delivery 1!

"Put on" your Top Hat

Ladies and Gentleman,
I present to you the future of law enforcement and rap melodies all rolled in one.
Perhaps, the greatest idea in technology since the two-way Talkabout Pager.
Roboross serenades the hood with his T-Pain impression. "Put On" your top hats ladies and gents. Its Rick Ross' "Put On" freestyle.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kid Cudi - Heaven at Night (in the making)

You get Vashtie to direct a video and
put out a mixtape with 10DEEP I'm fkkn with you

-check out the behind the scenes footage of the Kid Cudi video for "Heaven at Night"
from his Mixtape "a Kid Named Cudi"

ATL Night Spots

Where the hell did you find this?

Cassie Complex

Fellas: Buy this magazine.

How To Win Me! Sofia Boutella

sofia boutella's passion

Damn Yankees

In my new quest to endorse Senator McCain I ran into a road block and his name is DADDY YANKEE. The senator and "Yankee" got together at a school full of young girls who were giddy to hug them (Not really "them" but the latter him). So what do I have to pull out of the hat now?

this was mighty awkward.

perhaps i can do a song with Billary or some shit.

Monday, August 25, 2008

kinda late, but this was on my mind today

so with all of this said,
My Mixtape fully endorses McCain's Camp!
Its called DRUGS & CANDY...

Check me out, 4th quarter!


Friday, August 22, 2008

American Gangster: Hovito's Way

Have you noticed it too?
There are some of those Jay-Z fans out there who rave about "the old jay-z" but they snubb "the new Hov". The Reasonable Doubt Fans who seemed to have crawled underneath a rock (before the dynasty sign). The adored the crack rock, dope boy iceburg slim but with the emergence of his Jigga Man Jigginess they left him for more gutter sources of rap slanging. Then there are the cats who rave over the Blueprint and say he was at his prime then. He set a standard for himself and so with that there are some people who don't want to give Jay the credit of saying AMERICAN GANGSTER is one of his best albums. Its as if they feel like he snuck it in there. Could it all be so simple? Jay got another classic in under our noses?


There is no reputable source to be the authority on classic albums currently. It was once The SOURCE Magazine. Give a rapper 5 mics and it was a rap. He was the truth and we just accepted it as such. But after seeing Li'l Kim get 5 mics niggas threw The Source out the window. Whether not having an authority on classic rap albums is a good or bad thing is up for debate but nonetheless that standard of judgement is not existent in today's rap. As for AG, The album itself stands the test. Cohesiveness without being redundant. Lyrics without sacrificing style. Swagger without sacrificing content. American Gangster was just a good ass album. You don't have to call it a classic. Its okay, but we know you still play the album to this day and it came out last 4th quarter!

With all of that long-winded build-up, I say that this American Gangster project is right on time. You probably know the songs by now. American Gangster: Hovito's Way is helmed by three producers who set out to create a new experience for the listeners of this modern day (dare i say it) CLASSIC. Unreal, based in the UK, Nick Crescendo, based in the US, and Ghost, based in Sweden produced the tracks for this project exclusively.

Take a listen>>> and download AMERICAN GANGSTER: HOVITO'S WAY

Green Light - JOHN LEGEND ft. Andre 3000

This is big time.

Jay-Z Vibe Shoot

The Exactly!

I'm browsing the blogs today. I know there's a million I have not seen. What's the world got on its mind today?

In my brief bit of search, I came across TheExactly.net (self-described as "Your new favorite blog"). The blog seemed cool enough but what I found was something striking, at least to me. Its The Exactly's mixtape, "YOUR NEW FAVORITE MIXTAPE". I read what the author of the blog, Zack Lee, (lol, I hope that's his real name) had to say about the idea of dropping a mixtape and it went...

When I started this blog I did so believing that I could fill a gap where I thought something was missing. There were many artists I felt should be exposed, art, events, movies and funny things I wanted to share with as many people as possible. The idea of a mixtape came to mind during one of those wonderful moments where you’re thinking about all the things you COULD do with an outlet. Being that my moniker is “Your New Favorite…,” it was only right to name the mixtape “Your New Favorite Mixtape.” From its inception, the mixtape had to be something that represented what I felt the blog stood for, sharing DOPE SHIT with everybody! I didn’t want it to be a West Coast mixtape, underground Hip Hop mixtape or mainstream, I merely wanted to put songs that I thought were dope together in a package for people to bang. The process of putting together this mixtape has had its setbacks and delays, but I persisted and I can finally give it to ya’ll.

I can dig it, Zack Lee. I can relate indeed.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mos Def + Undrcrwn

Undrcrwn reminds me of being a kid and seeing my older brothers friends before they went out to a party. They'd chop it up about players or highlights. Perhaps a day after school, they'd gather on the couch to watch tapes of Pippen clips and argue whether or not Mike woulda been the man without him. Its a 90's kinda of fresh to me but now hipster. They got the coogi looking shorts. Doing it way B.I.G.

Here in the clip Mos Def talks Undrcrwn and Watermelon Syndicate business with the folks over at KarmaLoop

BTW: Undrcrwn - "Check out my swag, yo I walk like a ball player"

SWAGGER - Fall 2008

"THE PROTAGONIST" SWAGGER's Fall 2008 look and the site is nuts

i found this on HighSnobiety.com

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Failblog.org - my new favorite

I told y'all about taking them hoes to the cheesecake factory and Chateau Elan. Stop Caking!

Perhaps you've seen this on FAILBLOG.org

Notorious - Pre Production Catching Up

back like i left something.

Hump Day Hottie - Leryn Franco

I know what time it is! Get off my back. I was saving this one.

With all the excitement of the Beijing Olympics and all. I figure i'd stay in keeping with the times. Its Wednesday. Our hump day hottie is LERYN FRANCO. She is an Olympian who specializes in throwing the Javelin. YEEE! I'd advise cheating boyfriends to steer clear of the track. Cupid ain't got shit on a dime with a spear!

Leryn Franco
March 01, 1982 (26 y.o.)
Origin/ Race: Paraguayan
Profession: Olympian, Athlete, specializes in the javelin throw
ONLINE: PBase.com

Monday, August 18, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Damn Converse.

So I'm worrying my pretty little head about how I'm gonna cop these new Chuck T's.
They look like a that leather jacket from "I'm Bad" without any sheen dripped on em. Shits is hard. I'm stuck. The price tag on the joints was a nice $200. So, I got back into my skin and said I'd by my Car Note and electric bill this time around. But I'm at Topless last night and I sees my dude Gatsby Himself wearing these shits!!! Killing em, low key too. Not on some "Check my footwork, yeent got deez" shit. He was just posted like a mailbox rocking under the jeans. I look down and see the zippers surrounded the tongue and I was like, "You got them fuckers". I crumbled up my face and began hating. UGH!!!

Only 160 Pairs in the U.S.

Li'l Dark Knight

The Dark Knight - Kindergarden Days

Dark Knight - The Kindergarten Days

Thursday, August 14, 2008

SENSACELL: Light on your feet!

Billie Jean is a song more associated with the lights on the sidewalk than it is with baby-mama drama. If the song was done today, it would be a Chris Brown Joint produced by the Neptunes with a Kanye Feature and this floor would be in the video. The floor is designed by SENSACELL is composed of 1000 LED Light Panels. The floor is pressure-sensitive and glows with each step taken on it. Now how many clubs in Miami will be upgrading?

Peep the video

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the STRIDA 5.0

With gas prices still lingering in upper 3.70's in most places, using another set a wheels is not a bad idea. Now you don't have to fold up your legs and ball yourself into one of those SMART Cars but you can whip around your neighborhood on the Strida 5.0. As a kid, I hated lugging my bike up the stairs back inside the apartment and i'm sure if you ride a bike you realize how important "light-weight" is. You can fold this up and roll it like luggage. Cool as hell.

And the Colors: Black, Silver, Dark Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Check it out on Charles & Marie>>>

CHAMPION! kanye west and some nike ish

Champion from videos222 on Vimeo.

Monday, August 11, 2008


UK Rapper THE STREETS - "The Escapist"

cuz its a good song

Fake MF Doom at Rock The Bells in San Bernardino, CA

This is not the first time i've heard this.
Read the Article on PREFIX

Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Absolut World: A Vision By Kanye

You'd get more numbers with the Be Jay West Pills tho'

see be kanye

Jockin' Jay-Z