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+ There's a style to the music.
+ There's a fashion to the words.

+ There's a seduction in the sound of Jay West, but what makes it provocative is all within the details.

+ The Jay West Perspective is romantic. The Jay West Aesthetic is tailored. The Jay West agenda is to INSPIRE. “Southern California’s Newest Buzzworthy Artist” is preparing a follow-up to the cult classic mixtape, “Drugs+Candy”. The table is set.

+ Say Grace.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Damn ChiTown!

I been waiting on this visualization.
Here it goes.

this definitely smells of the old rap city days when Nas and AZ were on the count down. Its not everyday in this new generation that you see a day time rap video without bathing suits. hats off for the nostalgia!

take a look for yourself. and in 08...WE ON!!!

Nas' Nigger

This is rumored to be the album cover for the coming LP from God's Son, NAS...
The release is slated to drop in February (black history month). This album will be Nas' ninth solo effort. Thus far he boasts a pretty sick catalogue. I'm curious about what the material will sound like. He's done a large percentage of the LP with Salaam Remi (producer of past Nas cuts like "Made You Look" and "Get Down")to date but intends on working with Jermaine Dupri and DJ Toomp. Is it just me or does it seem like this has been a little more top secret than other projects. Could it be the doing of the man himself or is "the man" trying to do him in? I'm sure with an album title that's jolted this much attention Nas is going to air out topics that do just the same. Remaining in keeping with the curiousity that i'm sure i've sparked, here is the rumored track list

1. Intro
2. Black Legends
3. Rest In Peace
4. You A Nigger Too
5. The Fear Of A Black Man’s Dick
6. I’m Blessed
7. The Truth
8. Realise
9. Just Memories
10. This Way (featuring Jay-Z)
11. Kisses & Hugs (featuring Kelis)
12. Based On A True Story (featuring The Game)
13. Take A While
14. Nigger
15. Publicity (bonus track)

found this on myhangover

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Will Ferrell - THE LANDLORD

so check it,

i don't think i need to give a long run down for this. its will ferrell and a cursing baby. this is not as funny as the kid in the liquor store cursing at the asian cashier but its pretty humorous. enjoy, you dirty bastards.

...you live for this stuff...

BUT...if there are a few civilized adults who are concerned about the decay of the moral fabric in a young american girl, her father states, "Fortunately she is in this great stage now where she repeats anything you say to her and then forgets it right away, which is key,".

...and I go a step further to remind you that jamie lynn spears is pregnant. smile!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

is kells getting older

An Instant Message conversation between myself and a coworker let me know there was a new Kells video that i must post. but this is not the typical post. Does anyone else feel that he has gotten lamer since he has gotten older. The music he used to make was more mature. this double up shit is garbage! take a peek

Rashida Parris... dude have you heard R Kellys new "song"
Justin Leary/U... nope
Justin Leary/U... who's on it?
Rashida Parris... its just him
Rashida Parris... being crazy
Justin Leary/U... word?
Rashida Parris... the video premiered yesterday on youtube
Justin Leary/U... is he singing this time
Rashida Parris... its called Real Talk
Justin Leary/U... lol
Justin Leary/U... wow
Rashida Parris... man it dont even have a hook
Justin Leary/U... sounds interesting
Rashida Parris... omg
Rashida Parris... hes in a one sided argument with his wife
Rashida Parris... i was like yoooooou suck
Justin Leary/U... oh. i heard that
Justin Leary/U... on the phone
Rashida Parris... yes
Rashida Parris... talking about "i dont need to have my mamma screen no call for me"
Rashida Parris... man what is you talkin about
Rashida Parris... someone needs to put him out of his misery
Justin Leary/U... i will gladly!
Justin Leary/U... merry christmas and them!
Rashida Parris... laters :-)

bats in the belfrey


Maybe I am a nerd, K.

I never anticipated the excitement I would have to see this flick, especially not with Heath Ledger playing the clown prince of crime. Gotham looks different but after seeing Batman Begins, I am eager to see the take on the Dark Knight take on his arch-nemesis, Joker in this flick. Take a peek a the fresh new trailer for the movie and you can thank MTV for this one, that’s where I found it.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hey, keys!

okay okay okay
so what!
maybe i fabricated a little...
in my attempts to get alicia to come over to the house. i misled in what i owned but i'm sure she'll be forgiving. she is a sensitive enough woman to understand that i simply wanted to make a good impression. i meant nothing harmful by it. i simply expressed our common likes and asked if she would serenade me with a song on my new Schimmel Pegasus Grand CC 208 P Piano(the piano of the future). a nice glass of champipple and tickle the ivory on deez!

i guess they call me sleez.

in the spirit

are you offended yet?
happy holidays !@#$%^&*

playing catch up

sorry y'all
i won't keep hitting y'all with so much lupe junk
i just gotta support my brother.

but imma get some other ish for you to look at...

im going
im going

breaking news!!!

she was all like...

and then i was all like...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my top 5 and rising.

Talk is swirling around the hip hop heads and bloggers about Lupe Fiasco's place in Hip Hop Hall. Who am I to become so media like but I gotta give something to this fire. Could Lupe be the best? If you say no already, take a breath and think on the validity of your answer. Is Jay your favorite? Is it Nas...Pac maybe or BIG? All great but this is the beginning of a new day…just listen.

Lupe crept from underneath the Chicago debris that Kanye created by dropping hits on the Roc. He made waves with a flow that called to mind so many before him (I.E. all of the aforementioned emcees) but yet what was different was his unique identity. His Schizo-Flow that made it seem like he was influenced and infused with the ingredients that make G’s but that somehow did not outweigh the fact that he had not succumbed to the block’s gaping holes that so many find easy to fall into. The stereotypes he managed to steer clear of.

Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor was the first. “Kick, Push” made him the skateboard kid and he led a generation of hipster hoppers that rapped and wheeled around their suburban hoods tooting their horns of not being thugs. I been a rapper with glasses longer than Lupe has been famous and even I got compared to the dude! Guess it’s the kicks and the denim. He was the go to guy for not so average rap.

Now, Lupe is breaking more rules. You’re supposed to be conscious! You got Snoop on the album? A song called “Hi-Definition” coasts from L.A. to Chicago in such a rhythmatic way that you probably won’t care. But that’s the only big name on the bill. The platform is set for other up and comers like Nouveau Riche’s Nikki Jean, 1st and 15th starter Gemstones (Gemini, you know him) and Matthew Santos in all his splendor, among others. No big name production either and I’ve only listened to half the album. I had to write this to you to tell you how real it is.

I don’t know if he is the best but judging on talent alone this kid is the truth. He’s easily in my top five and he’s kicking dirt in the face of that lyrics-don’t-matter mentality that so many people have. I dig Weezy sometimes, I dig Kanye but Lupe is the best rapper to come out the past 5 years…maybe 7…maybe 10!

Now a word from dude…..

"cool things are what's destructive and what's got us down and depressed. And if you can make it hip to be square, you might really affect some actual social change in the world. So this is like my attempt, very blatant, over-attempt [at that], by naming the album The Cool."


all scream for ice cream

the ice cream look book is here!

And the ice cream man has cometh again. All hail the new looks. The line seems to have more depth this time around. A little more impressive. I personally favor the sweater vest Chad was donning on the lawn. Good Look. Spring should be a good time for these dudes. I’m thinking, when it comes to being a tastemaker, Pharrell has the cook book. The run he’s had with trendsetting has been long…like he been sipping apple juice. Skateboarders and kids with medium t-shirts are a staple in hip hop now. Let’s see what’s the bite this go ‘round. Below is a link to the new flavors of BBC-Ice Cream. FEAST!

and as Pusha T would put it so eloquently, “UGH!”
i'm Big Worm...i gave you the ice cream
say thank you smokey!

he ain't never lied

CUZ Mack Mittens is the Truth.

Thus far his LP's have gotten better with each drop and there has been a decent push behind each but his most recent Roc-a-fella effort appears to be effortless on the part of...well....ROCAFELLA. The promo for the album has been sub par. This interview does not get straigh indignant about it but it touches on that note like an adult. Pat Beans on the back because he doesn't have to be that way. He made the choice to join forces with the team again. He coulda gone anywhere in the world (ahem...G-unit...koch...ahem) but he chose to rock with the ROC.

I remember a quote from Big Homie, "Beans I ain't tryna change you, just give you some game, to make the transition from the street to the fame"

...and the game has begun.

Lots of albums dropped on the day of 12/11 and even more the following week (12/18). The competition is stiff with names like Mary J., Lupe, AND Wu Tang just to name a few. To make an album seen is mandatory in this day in age. Its the age of the ringtone and the song of a Philly Convict with a tune being whistled by teenage cell phones right now is "my drink and my two step".

THEN there's Freeway.
The blogs and mags are touting his album as one of the best eastcoast LP's in years! but have you seen a video??? not many people have. you have to dig it up.

first rocafella break up...now everyday a wake up...a def jam album is chilling
where's the love?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Bearded Ones

Since i've let my facial hair grow i've been backed into a corner.
defending myself or my decision to do it. 1st it was liberating and when i'm going thru change i do that. I've done it since high school. The hair on top of my head is longer too but the beard is more comical. So I get asked if I'm muslim now...the Freeway Jokes get ran all day. I am looking a little more rick ross-y these days. but hey...it led me to dig up who rick ross really is. No not the rapper.

This Cat right here. FREEWAY RICKY ROSS.
cali.co asks you... are drugs cool?

i can see you

christmas is coming
santa claus does not come to clayton county
there's too many cops

but speaking of cops...

COP me these.(what a lame segue)

EITHER WAY...i just found these surfing and all the blue are a pair of court forces from the 'EARTH' Pack. I don't know the name of these orange Court Forces with the grid on em but they are stupid. Both really Gaudy and Loud. eat up

the last...

God is Good!
and he works in mysterious ways. I went to you tube looking for videos from the World Famous WAKE UP SHOW!
and I came across big's last freestyle just 6 days before the untimely demise
Little Cease wasn't too bad here either. I didn't even know there was video of this. Imma have to throw this on a mixtape or something.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

back on my grizzly

yes, kei, i am in fact.

peep the sex symbol here in all his splendor.

i recently ran into one of my mentors and he asked me if was writing a book.
its funny i do feel a little more philosophic with all this hair on my face. all hail the depth of the fur. this shit is major up keep too. like a pet or something. tryna maintain and not get fleas. lol but really tho. the pen has been hard at work. fighting hard to get off writers block. damn.
i'm not writing a book. i'm writing new music. so the grizzly is a quiet beast.
not out in the streets as often because my problem was that the streets were eating
me like quick-sand. i'm not out, its got my mind still. the blocks and clubs. but hey why
not sit down a sec and write something else. no bitches and beer here. i wanna talk about
money. money in a way i have not considered it yet. it could change my life. could it save it

it could find me a wife...

what do you think liz?

should i get married?

maybe not.
i'll holla back

i'm taking my beard for a walk.

Pimp C...

nah man...
nothing clever or slick to say.
this is like huh?

Pimp C just passed.
sweet jones is missed already.
holla back man.


Monday, December 3, 2007


My first post for the month of December...and I got goodies!

to no surprise of yours, Yeezie is the greatest. Its great to see this dude.
He's really on top of the game right now. but look at me riding, okay no more jocking

this is not even Ye's video.

peep it nonetheless. I been waiting for this for a while
ladies, relax and take notes. A new How To Win Me! is having sick nails
chi-town here I come! I think I'm pursuing a new agenda

MISSION: Bag Kid Sister.

rico, get the jet!