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+ There's a style to the music.
+ There's a fashion to the words.

+ There's a seduction in the sound of Jay West, but what makes it provocative is all within the details.

+ The Jay West Perspective is romantic. The Jay West Aesthetic is tailored. The Jay West agenda is to INSPIRE. “Southern California’s Newest Buzzworthy Artist” is preparing a follow-up to the cult classic mixtape, “Drugs+Candy”. The table is set.

+ Say Grace.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cultura De Elite Interview

The good guys over at Cultura De Elite caught up with me earlier this week for a brief bit of Q&A about me and my music. We chopped it up and walked around the city looking for cool places to shoot and shoot the breeze. Interview and Photos by Theodore Garcia. Here's an excerpt:

Are you working on any upcoming projects?

-DRUGS+CANDY is the project that I’ll be releasing soon. Its been my baby for the past few months and its really got a hold on me and my life right now. Its about the balance to imbalance of good to bad in our lives. I don’t mean “our” as in like my team, I mean the worldly “our”. You and me and the readers. There are drugs that heal and candy is not good for you. “Paper Girls” and “The Language” are two of the records we’ve released and they’ll both be featured on that project. Other than that, I have artists and creators around me that are actively working too so I want to invest time into fleshing out their ideas. Phil Reid directed the video for “The Language” and I want to do more of whatever he sees as his next step. I just trust him. Dev Allen is an artist I’m super excited about and we’ll start doing some work with him soon. Lotta dreams in the works over here.

If you could fulfill one dream right now, what would it be?

-I make wishes still and it would be unfair to me to tell you all of those because they may not come true, right? I just really want to drop an album that is respected. There’s not really an “if” to that, though. That’s the next thing after DRUGS + CANDY


The Jay West Show!

Jay West // A3C Performing Artist // Freestyle from CHEMlab. on Vimeo.

Broadcasting live! As part of the A3C Hip Hop Fest, Jay West will be performing live at The 5 Spot, ATLANTA GA (Little 5 Points). Get your tickets now!

One of my favorite blogs...

boycrazy in bed from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

visit > IMBOYCRAZY by Alexi Wasser

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today is my best friend's birthday. His name is Gilles (pronounced JILZ).

"Fame Kills"

Fame Kills from kwest on Vimeo.

the OTHER west, that is.


Download this.

Nicki Minaj in Honey Mag

She's killing all y'all jive turkeys.
peep the interview>>>

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NEW Video: Jay West - "The Language"

"The Language" - Jay West from CHEMlab. on Vimeo.

The Language mp3: Free Download

"The Language" was one of the first songs we did early into the process of creating records for D+C. It was written for the project specifically. I felt at liberty to do some good ole shit talkin' when I decided to name my mixtape Drugs + Candy. So fast forwarding from then to now, we have Phil Reid creating a visual for that audio. Its my first video and a really important record to the project. Lyrically, the song stands alone on the tracklist. To have Phil take it as seriously as he did and bring the record to life is awesome. I lost it when I saw the video and Phil just stood there grinning. No homo, I was about to hug this nigga! I was hella impressed. Thanks to Wayne (my mgr) for making the connection and thanks for Hannibal and Decatur Dan for supplying resources. Thanks to Savage, Sean Falyon, Rob Mc, Nicky Ross and the beautiful leading lady Becky Billions for blessing me with their presence. CHEMlab has pulled yet another success out of its hat. This is the beginning to a good run. I'm feeling kind Cudi right now..."This Will Be My World!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

SIRE Frames by Aekae

FACT: These glasses are made of water buffalo horns.

- discover The SIRE - designers: Aekae

The Directors; Jake Davis

Jake recently directed DRAKE's video "Successful" and was able to pull out some of the eerie elements that the song possesses along with the cool and honesty that Drake brings in his songwriting. I like the outcome and I can honestly say that Jake will be one of the go-to-guys when time comes for me to make more videos for deeper records. Also, he just seems like a neat guy. Visit his blog [JAKE DAVIS BLOG], I know I always do.

Mattress Wallet

"Can't wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don't fit"
For those with that hustler's ambition, it gives a legal meaning to putting money in the mattress.

Tsovet Watches

The look is tough. The logo is clean. Available at OKI-Ni


Vintage Porn logos from PornoGraphics on Vimeo.

Damn. I want a video that looks like this.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Megan Fox

courtesy of the human hypebeast himself > KWBlog >

Whitney On Oprah

kinda mega.

Creative Recreation S//S 2010 Peek

This is just a preview...

CLAE X Stussy

And now...We present you with the lovechild creation from two of our favorite brands here at The Cali.Co.Cool. Stussy has added their own tastes to the ever-popular CLAE Kennedy model. You've got the gingham, the canvas and the leather lining. Really clean. I found these on Snkr.Frkr>

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pac Div

That's the name of the group.
That's the name of the song.

Perfect follow from the last post too.

HUF Fall 2009 Look Book

Good American Look. Real Tough. I like the idea and the photos a lot. It falls right in line with the look of the clothes. It doesn't compete or over-complicate the classic style of the clothes. Its menswear.

>HUF Look Book FALL 2009

Kid Cudi Defending the Skinnies.

Keep It Real.
Cop that Cudi.
In Stores Now.

>Gentlemen, The Brooks Brother’s Black Fleece Fragrance

I will go get a whiff of this this week. I'll report back soon. The bottle is quite classy though.

Rih Rih on a bike

Pay a visit to one of my favorite blogs > Chicks on Bikes >

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ghostface "Stapleton Sex"

full video.
currently my favorite song.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Porsche Design Eyewear Autumn/Winter 2009


MJ Tribute @ VMA's

Looking forward to this.

FORMAT MAG Presents: No Homer

Format Mag was responsible for the memorable LEGO Hip Hop Covers. With that in mind, respect the architects. They decided to do a little cartooning and they Simpsonized 10 Rappers. The "O" in HOMER is something iconic to represent each artist. I posted a few but you can view them all here>>>

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dirty Money "ANGELS"

Directed by the Rev. Hype Williams

David Letterman Interviews Jay-Z

"And my interviews are hotter."- Jay-Z "Breathe Easy"

I concur.

Play Cloths

Baggin Up "A Sticky Business" from Play Cloths on Vimeo.

"and if your man got you bagging up it could be worse...just put a little in the baggy, a little in the purse" -Jay-Z "Show You How To Do This"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ryan Leslie - You’re Not My Girl (Video)


Amerie GIANT Mag shoot

This is one young lady that I had a certain affinity for in high school. I really wanted to see her reach that Aaliyah type level. Her songs were written nice and I dug her style. It was just good R&B. Not too poppy. I liked it a lot. I miss Amerie.

Found on 2DBz>>> Holla @ SHAKE

Ghostface: Stapleton Sex (teaser)

Ghostface "Stapleton Sex" video trailer from Miss Info on Vimeo.

and niggas thought this album was gonna be soft. Shame on ya!

>Girl Crazy:

I say, "You Should Date Me" and that's it!

Believe it or not a man as handsome and debonaire as myself has always been a little awkward when it comes to initiating contact with women. I’m great at the courtship stages and I'm a cool boyfriend but just getting the ball rolling is like trying to cause an avalanche in the Sahara. This is not something I’m proud of but as an artist and avid blogger this is a little self-indulgent self-pity for all you readers out there. To the credit of this flaw, I catch myself looking for cheesy –and cheap – ways to meet new chicks. The good ole’ myspace days (2005 - 08 ) made the world a lot smaller and I was a club promoter then so numbers just kinda fell in my palm. I couldn't help but meet people but I’ve fallen back from that since. NOW, I think I am gonna just start randomly interviewing hot girls that I would date and ask them questions for the blog. I’ll post photos of the girls and a recap of the dialogue right here on the blog. How does that sound? You guys gonna read that?

At least you’ll get a chance to see the kind of weird ass questions I ask women and you can let me know why I suck like hoover at getting new poon! LOL. j/k.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pretty Toney-isms

Ghostface's 'Wizdom of the Week' #3 from 2dopeboyz.com on Vimeo.

A little wisdom for you smart dumb cats to get your love back right with your earth.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Really Doe "Mesmerized"

slick video.
song's okay.

“The Egg Chair” by Alexander McQueen

If I was a villain in a James Bond film my name would be Wes Houndstooth and I would aim to rule the world from this chair.

found on selectism>

Excuses Poster

For the starving artist. Food for thought.

more details > Here >

The Kid Cudi A Bathing Ape T-Shirt

Just in time. Album out 9.15.09

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cassie for Dimepiece

Cassie, you should call me...really.