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+ There's a style to the music.
+ There's a fashion to the words.

+ There's a seduction in the sound of Jay West, but what makes it provocative is all within the details.

+ The Jay West Perspective is romantic. The Jay West Aesthetic is tailored. The Jay West agenda is to INSPIRE. “Southern California’s Newest Buzzworthy Artist” is preparing a follow-up to the cult classic mixtape, “Drugs+Candy”. The table is set.

+ Say Grace.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspiration: Wes Anderson

There is such a fashion to his films that makes
Wes Anderson iconic indie.
The feelings, the looks, the humor
all walk the same direction.

They have a certain gate that resembles reality
but the rhythm is unreal.

The films capture such universal feelings
as the family struggle, grief, and regret
but they are paired with such tongue-in-cheek humor.

His team of writers always delivers a point in a palatable way.
They never bash you over the head with preachy perspective.
I admire that.

Its not just the dialogue.
It’s the look of the films...with their wide shots
and the styling of the characters.

Its always awesome when you can watch a movie
and want to be one of the guys
or you connect and imagine the character is you!

Bottle Rocket. (1996)
Rushmore. (1998)
The Royal Tenenbaums. (2001)
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. (2004)
The Darjeeling Limited. (2007)

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