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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Gift and The Curse

Watching Katie Couric interview Spike Lee regarding Michael Jackson got my wheels turning. There was a point when Spike mentions the “deal” that comes with god-given talents. There’s some sort of arrangement made. We’ve heard that with great power comes great responsibility (SEE: The parable of the faithful servant) and so being endowed with such genius comes with some idiosyncrasies. Whether it was MJ's choice or it forced by the media, we all had the chance to see his but I began to wonder what mine are.

As a recording artist, my canvas is a track. Its hard for me paint things that I’ve never seen. Because my music is colored more with experience than with imagination, I start to wonder if I’ve left myself –or even thrown myself – in harm’s way to make the colors more vivid. No physical danger, but perhaps more injurious is the emotional damage that I’ve taken on simply for the sake of validity of pain in song. This, my friend, is when keeping it real goes terribly wrong. I apologize to any woman or good friend I took through this with me. I guess they didn't really get any say in the matters. But I'm not into self pity, at least not in this form, so I'll wash my mind of all of that.

Maybe, that’s not what I’m doing. The music is an out to a reckless behavior that I have already. Before I made songs as personal as I do now, I was doing the same thing. Being a resthaven for hoes, being the nice guy that finished last and being the underdog never taken seriously. No need to blame rap. Its bigger than hip-hop. I’m so good an emcee that I surrendered my abilities to do well at other things. I'm 6'4" and my jump shot is shit. I’m so emotional, that I couldn’t pimp too long. I am Achilles!

Drugs and Candy, anyone?

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